Adonis Creed is the son of Apollo Creed. After his father died, he was adopted by Apollo's wife, Mary Anne, who raised Adonis as his mother. Adonis decided to become a great boxer like his father, and for that, he enlisted the help of Rocky Balboa, who took Apollo under his wing as his trainer, mentor and surrogate father. After much hard work and training, Adonis managed to last an entire fight against Ricky Conlan, becoming the champion of the people and earning the admiration and respect of Rocky and Mary Anne, and the love of Bianca Taylor.

Years later, Adonis marries Bianca and they have a daughter together, Amara. When Ivan Drago's son, Viktor, challenges Adonis to a fight for the title of champion, Adonis is at first conflicted, his judgement clouded by the fact that Ivan killed Apollo. Eventually, Adonis accept the challenge and ends up winning the fight, keeping the title of champion.

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