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Billy Peltzer is the main character of the "Gremlins" movies. For Christmas, his father gave him a new pet, a mogwai named Gizmo . However, there are theee rules one must abide if one wants to keep a mogway as a pet: keep it out of sunlight or bright lights, don't get him wet, and never feed him after midnight. Billy understands the importance of those rules. However, he accidentally spilled a glass of water on Gizmo, causing him to reproduce. The new mogways tricked Billy into feeding them fried chicken after midnight by ripping the cord out of his electric clock. Thus, the mogwai turned into Gremlins, and the rampaged across town, destroying everything and killing countless of people. Billy killed most of them by blowing up the theater where all the Gremlins were holed in, but Stripe managed to escape. Gizmo killed Stripe by exposing him to sunlight.

After that, when Billy moved to New York, he was reunited with Gizmo in the Clamp Enterprises building. However, Gizmo accidentally got hit with a stream of water from a drinking fountain, causing him to reproduce again. The mogwais invaded the ice cream parlor after midnight, eating all the ice cream and the M&Ms and the peanut butter in the parlor, thus causing them to turn into Gremlins. They later blew up a microwave in a studio that was filming a cooking show, causing them to reproduce. They later invaded the Splice of Life Lab and started drinking genetic material from the lab, causing several of them to mutate. One of the gremlins drank a bioelectric serum and turned into an electric gremlin . Thus, Billy killed the Gremlins by having his friend Murray Futterman hose them with water, and then setting the Electric Gremlin loose. The Electric Gremlin electrocuted the wet Gremlins, causing them to fry and melt. The Electric Gremlin then died when sunlight hit him. After that, Billy moved permanently to an apartment in New York with Gizmo and his girlfriend, Kate Beringer .

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