• King Phelous

    Ok, so I have things to announce regarding this wiki, my wiki.

    First of all, "Billy and Mandy" characters are not allowed on this wiki because I feel the content of that show is inappropiate for the wiki. That's why I deleted the "Billy and Mandy" pages.

    With that out of the way...

    ...I recently made a mistake with Alex on the Disney wiki regarding which characters are or aren't Disney.

    Thankfully, I fixed my mistake and apologized to Alex, so everything is OK now.

    Still, this does tell me it's time to talk about the "Crossover characters" tag.

    While I always want to work in sync with the Disney wiki, this wiki plays by different rules.

    In this wiki, any characters who was, is, or will be part of a Warner Bros production is considered a Warner Br…

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