Galadriel is a character from the "Lord of the Rings" movies and the books by J.R.R. Tolkien. She is the queen of the elves, the wife of Elrond and the mother of Arwen. She is an old friend of Gandalf, and she gave shelter to him, Bilbo and the dwarves as she and Gandalf discussed about the possible return of Sauron. After she got confirmation that Sauron had returned, she telepathically sent Gandalf to fight him off. However, Gandalf was defeated and captured, but Galadriel sucessfully rescued Gandalf and used her magical powers to drive Sauron off.

Years later, she gave shelter to the Fellowship of the Ring and cured Frodo Baggins' wounds. She showed Frodo a vision of what would happen if the Fellowship failed, and although she was tempted by the One Ring, she managed to resist the Ring's influence. She sent her elf army to help kill Sauron's armies.

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