Ivan Drago is a character from the Rocky movies. He was the greatest boxer in the Soviet Union, who was enhanced with chemical formulas created by brilliant Soviet scientists. This, plus a rigurous training that pushed his body to the limit, turned him into a stoic, ruthless and aggressive man. Apollo Creed decided to fight Ivan to boost morale for the U.S.A. during the Cold War, but Ivan's lack of restraint meant Apollo was killed in the ring. In retaliation, Rocky Balboa travelled to the Soviet Union and fought Ivan there, winning both the fight and the respect of the Soviet people.
Ivan Drago 2

Years later, after the fall of the Soviet Union, Ivan, feeling ostracized from his Russian peers for his defeat, coaches and trains his son, Viktor, for a fight against Apollo's son, Adonis, as an indirect way of getting revenge against Rocky. However, during the fight, he realizes that his desire for revenge will cost him the love of his son, so he forfeits the match, causing Adonis to win. He then reconnects his son, deciding to start a new life free of any desire for revenge.

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