Kate Beringer
Kate Beringer is the main female character of the "Gremlins" movies. She lived in Kingston Falls with Billy Peltzer, and they are boyfriend and girlfriend. She worked as a waitress in a pub which later got taken over by the Gremlins, who enslaved her and forced her to serve them. Thankfully, Billy rescued her, and together with Billy she killed the Gremlins by blowing up the theater the Gremlins were holed in.

Later, she and Billy moved to New York, where they both got jobs working for Clamp Enterprises at the Clamp Center. However, Gizmo was also there, which again caused the Gremlins to spawn from him. The Gremlins invaded the Splice of Life Lab, drinking the genetic material there, which caused them to mutate. One of them drank a bioelectrical serum, causing him to mutate into an electric gremlin. Thus, after Murray Futterman hosed the Gremlins with water, Kate set the Electric Gremlin loose. The Electric Gremlin electrocuted the wet Gremlins, causing them to fry and melt, and the Electric Gremlin then died when he was exposed to sunlight. After that, Kate deciced to move in with Billy and Gizmo

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