Mary Anne Creed is a character from the Rocky movies. She is the wife of boxing heavyweight champion Apollo Creed. When Rocky Balboa defeated Apollo in the ring, he befriended both Apollo and Mary Anne. Sadly, Apollo died in the ring fighting Russian heavyweight champion Ivan Drago. Apollo had a son with another woman, Adonis, that Mary Anne decided to raise as her son after Apollo's death. Years later, an older Adonis decides to become a boxer himself. Mary Anne was initially against Adonis' decision, but then changed her mind and fully supported Adonis, and cheered for him when he lasted a full fight against the British medium-heavyweight champion, Ricky Conlan.
Mary Anne Creed

Three years later, Ivan returns for revenge, coaching his son, Viktor, in a fight against Adonis. Mary Anne is at first opposed to the fight, not wanting to lose Adonis like she lost Apollo, but she changes her mind and supports Adonis, who goes on to win the fight against Viktor. Mary Anne also becomes a grandmother when Adonis' wife, Bianca, gives birth to a daughter, Amara. 

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