Murray Futterman is a character from the "Gremlins" movies. As a World War 2 veteran, he knows all about the mogwais and the Gremlins. Thus, when the Gremlins drive a snowplow through his house, he manages to escape from them. Later, he moves to New York, where he is attacked by the Bat Gremlin. Murray kills the Bat Gremlin by smothering with concrete. After Kate turns on the fire alarm to evacuate the people at the Clamp Center, Murray keeps the firemen from spraying water on the Clamp Center, knowing that water makes the Gremlins reproduce. He then enter the Clamp Center to help Billy and Kate defeat the Gremlins. When Billy asks him with hose the Gremlins with water, Murray is reluctant to do it, but he does it anyway. Billy and Kate then set the Electric Gremlin loose. The Electric Gremlin electrocutes all the wet Gremlins, causing them to fry and melt. The Electric Gremlin later dies when he is exposed to sunlight. After that, Murray is finally able to live in peace without fear of the Gremlins.

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